Window Cleaning in Los Alamitos, CA

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If you live in Los Alamitos, CA, you have probably noticed that most Los Alamitos window cleaning contractors are much more likely to clean your windows at your home than at theirs. This is because most clients prefer to have their windows cleaned at their homes – especially when they are meeting their contractor for the first time. Once you’ve established a rapport with a window cleaning Los Alamitos pro, they’ll likely want to clean your windows at your home as well.

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Squeegee Pro is proud to serve Los Alamitos, California with high-quality window cleaning services. Their list of services includes window cleaning, rain gutter cleaning, and pressure washing. This quaint community is known for its natural beauty, warm weather, and the mystery novel, Goodnight, Irene. If you are considering hiring a window cleaner in Los Alamitos, contact Squeegee Pro today.

Squeegee Pro

For more than 20 years, Squeegee Pro has stood for friendly, quality service. In Orange County, they have provided professional window cleaning services, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and blind cleaning. The company is fully insured and offers a satisfaction guarantee. Call today for a free estimate. They will do your windows in no time at all! Read the customer reviews to learn more about the company and their services.

SqueegeePro is proud to serve Los Alamitos and the surrounding areas with quality window cleaning and pressure washing services. They also provide deep blind cleaning and rain gutter clearing. The city is known for its beautiful natural landscape and pleasant weather. If you’re looking for a company to handle your window cleaning needs, give Squeegee Pro a call today. Our expert window cleaners will leave your windows sparkling and your blinds looking healthy!

A professional window cleaner will use a squeegee and a bucket of water with a solution of one part dish soap and two parts water. This combination is effective for cleaning windows and leaving them streak-free and shiny. Professionals use no vinegar, ammonia, or other chemicals to clean windows. Their high-quality squeegees ensure a streak-free shine.